In to the Mojave: Kelso Dunes

The Mojave Desert is a big place – 47,877 square miles, primarily in southeastern California and southern Nevada. In a series of posts I will explore just the Mojave National Preserve, which, at 2500 square miles, is big enough in its own right. It is the third largest unit of the National Park System in the contiguous United States. In fact, in my week-long stay in the Preserve, I was only able to visit a few of the many interesting areas. Here I will focus on the Kelso Dune Field.

Stinson_Kelso Dunes 1_MG_2017_03_23_0846_openWith
The tallest dunes rise 650 feet above the surrounding area. If one slowly slides down a dune a low-frequency rumble can be heard, known as “Singing Sand”.
Stinson_Kelso Dune Ridge_MG_2017_03_23_0878_openWith
Covering 45 square miles, Kelso Dunes is the largest field of wind-formed sand deposits in the Mojave Desert.
Stinson_Blowing Sand Kelso Dunes_MG_2017_03_23_0858_openWith
Wind-blown sand forms ghostly images
Stinson_Sand Paterns Kelso Dunes_MG_2017_03_23_0868
The wind draws wonderful abstract patterns in the sand


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