Arrochar and Loch Long

Sunset over Loch Long

Arrochar is a small village near the head of Loch Long, about 38 miles (61 km) north of Glasgow. It is surrounded by  mountains known as the Arrochar Alps. Arrochar was the original home of the Clan MacFarlane, who owned the local land from 1225, and who were well-known for being cattle thieves.

Region between Glasgow and Arrochar, from Google Maps


My wife and I took the train from Glasgow to the Arrochar-Tarbet station, which turned out to be the start of an adventure. The station is located half way between those two villages – and even further from our hotel. There is no public transportation  — no bus, no taxi, nothing. So we started walking. But for two out-of-shape people carrying two weeks-worth of luggage, this proved untenable. I got up the nerve to stop at a B&B that was along the route, and asked to speak to the proprietor.  I told the proprietor we thought we could walk to Arrochar. “You can walk to Arrochar”, he replied. Pause. Well, maybe it can be done in principle, but it is pretty clear my wife and I were not going to make it. Is there a cab we could call? At this point I’m not concerned about the time or cost. “Or I suppose someone could drive you.” Pause. “Could you drive us?”, I asked. “I could.” Pause. “Will you drive us?” “I will.”

This was just one of many examples of friendship and hospitality — sometimes quirky — we experienced in Scotland.



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