Glasgow Subway

Opening on 14 December 1896, Glasgow’s subway is the third oldest subway in the world (after London and Budapest). It’s also an easy, quick way to get from the city center to the trendy West End. But it also seems to have been constructed to have a staring role in popular culture. For starters, see this map circulating the internet comparing the Glasgow subway to the subways of other cities:

Via the internet, source unknown. Please let me know if you have a clue as to who the creator is.

Yes, the Glasgow subway  just goes around, and around, and around….

Oh, and take a look at the subway’s diminutive orange tubular carriages. Aren’t they just precious?

The original headquarters of the subway company is still standing — it is a historical landmark. The first floor was the ticket office for the Enoch subway stop and the 2nd floor was company offices.

Old Ticket Station Glasgow_MG_9425.jpg

As you can see, the building has been re-purposed as a coffee shop. The building was designed by James Miller in the Jacobethan or Flemish Revival style (depending on the source).

The latest modernization of the Glasgow subway has resulted in a new Enoch station.

Enoch Station by BertieB via Wikimedia Commons
The “featured image”, at the top of this post, is from inside the modern Buchanan street station.


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