Bay Area Landscape Exhibit

The Fremont (CA) Library is hosting an exhibition of photographs of the Bay Area landscape. The library has a small alcove with lighting that is perfect for this type of display. My contribution is the large panorama above the entrance to the gallery. The work is titled “15 Views of Rancho Higuera”.

Bay Area Landscapes 2015-04-01 10.02.09
Installing the “Bay Area Landscapes” exhibit at the Fremont Main Library

Rancho Higuera Historical Park is located at 47300 Rancho Higuera Rd. Fremont, CA. It is part of the original Rancho Agua Caliente. From Wikipedia:

Rancho Agua Caliente was a 9,564-acre (38.70 km2Mexican land grant in present day Alameda County, California given in 1836 by Governor Nicolás Gutiérrez to Antonio Suñol and Fulgencio Higuera. The name means “warm water” and refers to the warm springs (once) located in the foothills a short distance south of Mission San José.

One of seven adobe buildings originally on the site remains and has been restored.

The photograph is not a literal representation of the site, but instead tries to create the sensation of live viewing of the Rancho in its plain and simple beauty. The image was created by taking a photo, moving parallel to the site boundary for a short distance, taking another photo, and repeating the process. A total of 48 images were taken in this manner, 15 of which were selected for the final image. These photographs were manually stitched together. The images were distorted to match land features, giving the impression of a panorama. However, objects may appear in the final image several times, each time from a different perspective. This is most apparent in the several images of the adobe near the right side of the image.

The image was scaled and printed to match the width of the gallery alcove, resulting in a print 141 inches long by 23 inches high.

Rancho Higuera 3 Flattened 2000px



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