Pretty Raw

I’m off to Vienna, Austria to help install eight of my photographs in the exhibition “Pretty Raw“, one of the ways Vienna is participating in the European Month of Photography. Those of you who follow this blog have seen them before, but here they are again:

The exhibition is described as follows:

Students from the photography class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna headed by Gabriele Rothemann exhibit their works along with students from the photography class at the San Francisco Art Institute, which is headed by Linda Connor.
“Pretty Raw” stands for the total view that gradually focuses on the individual part. Objects stand wooden and raw so that they can be defined and become recognizable. Wilderness happens. Internal images and political concerns oscillate. Landscape is the starting material, the backdrop and the protagonist for various artistic concepts from Europe and the United States. Opening between two poles – the rawness of the original and tenderness of sensibility – is a potential space for creative processes.

Pretty wild! (No, Pretty Raw!) Although sometime I hope it makes more sense in the original German.


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