Beauty in Transition

In 2008 approximately 7.5 million people visited New Hampshire to see fall foliage, according to a report by USA Today. I suspect few thought about the fact that these spectacular colors were a gift from death.

Usually we think of death as ugly; cut flowers thrown away at the first sign of wilting, dead branches pruned, leaves raked up and removed. From scarlet to umber, fall leaves cry for us to re-examine our perceptions of death and beauty. We see, but seldom hear. If we look closely, however, we discover that often objects beautiful in life develop a new, different beauty in the transition from life through death. In this series of photographs I have tried to discover that beauty and bring it to the forefront.

Some of the techniques I have use to discover the intrinsic beauty of these forms are described in previous posts.


  1. This is the second “dead flowers” post I found today – how unusual. Reminds me of the Rolling Stones song :0) Bring Me Dead Flowers. Beautiful shots.

  2. Great pictures. Reminder that there is beauty all around us. It is up to us to recognize and enjoy it. Nice touch with the “live” Bougainvillea for contrast.

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