San Francisco 2100, part 2

I’ve completed five more images in my “San Francisco 2100” series. As you may recall from my previous post, this series explores how San Francisco would look in the year 2100 when it is expected that the sea level would have risen about 4 feet.

As I’ve worked on these images, I’ve come to understand them better. One aspect I find fascinating is that the unreal is realistic — the water is “fake”, but the levels shown are reasonable approximations of what the science predicts. There are no fantasy images of a submerged Golden Gate Bridge. On the other hand, the real is unrealistic — the people are shown going about their business oblivious to the water swirling around their legs. This then, becomes an allegory of society today: people going about their business oblivious to the very real impact climate change will have on their lives.

Ferry Building postcard front
Postcard of the Ferry Building from 2100
Ferry Building Postcard - backside
Backside of the postcard of the Ferry Building
Filling Station in Foster City
Gassing up the car in Foster City
View of the Embarcadero from Coit Tower
View of the Embarcadero from Coit Tower
Parking Attendent near the Ferry Building
Parking  attendant near the Ferry Building
Trolley Bus Flower Shop
Trolley Bus Flower Shop

On the technical side, I’ve learned a lot about creating reflections in water, but I feel the line where the water ends leaves something to be desired. This is especially true when the water ends on a natural surface, such as grass, rather than a man-made surface. If anyone has a suggestion as to how to make these interfaces more realistic, let me know!



What are your thoughts?

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