FCAC 2012 Exhibit

The juried photo exhibition sponsored by the Fremont Cultural Arts Council ended yesterday. I went to retrieve my photos and viewed the sad remnants. Now that the show is over, I’d like to share with you my images that were on exhibit.

Across the Bay
Across the Bay
Trees before Yosemite Falls at Sunset
Trees before Yosemite Falls at Sunset
Handle and Knob
Handle and Knob


  1. brilliant images Doug. The night time skyline is wonderful. and the B&W of the falls is just so excellent. Love them all. Very different subjects/genres – each done very well.

    1. Thanks, Mobius. I enjoyed making the skyline because, unlike most panoramas I have seen, it is not “flat”, as the bay bridge is, in life, almost perpendicular to the plane of the city skyline. The title is also a bit of a play on words as the view is “across the bay” and the bridge goes “across the bay. I do like jumping between genres, which can be a bit of a problem, as some say I have not created “a body of work”. Interesting concept, that.

    1. Thanks! The white trees in front of Yosemite falls really caught my eye, so I just had to stop and take this photo. Then I didn’t to pay attention to burning and dodging areas to bring out the tonal range I experienced in “real life”.

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