Milan Duomo

For a change of pace I thought I’d share some travel photographs. I don’t really consider myself a travel photographer: I try to capture and share the same emotional response I feel to certain visual stimuli whether I am at home or abroad. One is exposed to a much broader range of images when traveling, however. And since photography, at least how I practice it, is an art of discovery, the greater the variety to which I am exposed, the more likely I am to make that visual discovery.

These photos were all taken while on a business trip to Milan. I’ve always made it  practice to allocate at least one day to exploration whenever traveling on business. And one day was all I had on this trip. Fortunately, my hotel was only a block away from Milan’s cathedral or Duomo, so there was much to see within walking distance.

The Milan Duomo

The Duomo may be the most famous building in Milan. It origin can be traced to the creation of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo – which translates to the Venerable Duomo Factory  –  on October 16, 1387, by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, to design, build and preserve the Milanese cathedral.

The spires of Duomo

There is a long, narrow staircase to the top of the cathedral, and it is well worth the climb. Each of the 135 spires is topped by a statue to create an image of Heaven: patriarchs and prophets, martyrs and saints. There are also statues in nooks and on walls: 3400 statues and more than seven hundred figures in all. They are everywhere you look. The proportions of the figures are purposely distorted so as to look natural when viewed from the street.

The top of the Duomo is also an excellent place from which to view the area around the cathedral.

The bell tower of the Church San Gottardo in Corte from the roof of the Duomo

This is the bell tower of the church San Gottardo in Corte, framed by some of the lattice-work on the roof of the Duomo. Construction of the church started in 1330 and contains the first example of a public clock.

There is much more to see in within walking distance of the Duomo and I will share some of those images in a future post.



  1. Great stuff. The second image just so complete rocks my socks. Amazing image. It almost looks like something H.R. Geiger would create – only without the sci-fi/fantasy/horror aspect.

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