Dream Glass

Most of the Dreamscapes and, to a lesser extent, Moonscapes, by André Gallant are, as the name implies, of landscapes or natural objects. That is why I focused my initial exploration of these techniques on flowers. However, I have found these techniques also produce interesting effects on photographs of glass. In this post I will focus on the use of the Moonscape technique.

As described earlier, this involves the following steps in Photoshop:

  1. Make a copy layer of the original image
  2. Convert the new layer to black & white
  3. Apply filter>stylize>solarize
  4. Use image>adjustments>levels to lighten the image. (I generally set the right hand box to 128.)
  5. Set the blend mode to “multiply”

Of course, all the usual Photoshop tools can be used, both on the original image and the “moonscaped” image to achieve the desired result.

For example, I started with the following photograph of a decanter:

Original image of a Waterford decanter

I then applied the moonscape technique and achieve the following result:

Waterford decanter, Moonscaped

The following images were obtained similarly.

Vase with knitting needles

Apprentice Bowl and Orange

In the last image the moonscape technique was not applied to the orange.

By the way, The Apprentice Bowl was the “final exam” at the end of a 5-year apprenticeship at Waterford Crystal. Unfortunately, Waterford Crystal went out of business in 2009. Another great glass company, Steuben, closed in 2011. These closings are a great loss to everyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and artistry.