Dream Flowers

I am continuing my exploration of the application of the techniques of Dreamscapes and Moonscape that I described in a previous post. For the moment, I am focusing on flowers as they seem to respond particularly well to these processes. I also continue to be fascinated by not-so-fresh flowers. Several of these photos are of fallen flowers that I thought made interesting patterns on the sidewalk.

Fallen Flower and Leaf

The “Dreamscape” technique (multiply a blurred copy of the original with the original) was used. I like how the concrete sidewalk forming the background obtains a marble-like appearance. This also is the case for the next photo. The “glow” of the leaves is what I find particularly attractive here.

Fallen Flower and Leaves
Flower by Moonlight

Here the “Moonscape” technique was applied selectively to the open flower.


Now we transition to living flowers. In this case a “zoom blur”, centered on the center of the flower, was applied instead of the traditional “Gaussian blur” of the Dreamscape technique. However, the original, pre-dreamscaped image of the center, lavender petals and yellow stamens was allowed to show.

The classic dreamscape techniques was applied to the photos above and below.



    1. Thanks! I made two versions of this — one is the “moonscape” version shown and the other used the “dreamscape” technique. I liked both but I think the selective moonscape is the more expressive.

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