Even though we only had a partial, not an annular, eclipse this far south in California, it was still fun setting up and observing. I learned a new trick: adjusting the angle of the camera until the image of the sun projected through the viewfinder on to the shadow of the camera.

Partial Eclipse
About as close to totality as it got in our location.
Taken about 6:30 PM PDT 20 May 2011
Canon 5D Mark II, f/32, 1/8000 sec, 300mm FL + 2X extender, manually focused at infinity

The eclipse also created strange light and surrealistic shadows. In the photograph below, tiny gaps between the leaves of a Japanese Maple created tens of “pinhole cameras”, projecting an image of the eclipse onto their own shadows.

Shadows of the Eclipse
Canon 5D Mark II, f/5.0, 1/600 sec

What are your thoughts?

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