On  Sunday a friend invited me to a “pop up” brunch at the Yield Wine Bar (2490 3rd St, San Francisco). The food was great ($20 for an all-you-can eat multi-course vegetarian extravaganza), but what was doubly exciting was that this was my introduction to the San Francisco Neighborhood known as “Dogpatch”.

Dogpatch has a long and varied history. It was relatively untouched by the 1906 earthquake and so contains some of the oldest houses in San Francisco. Today the neighborhood continues to reflect that varied history. It is an eclectic mixture of simple Victorian “workman’s homes”, active industrial buildings, renovated “live-work” lofts, a growing art scene and lively restaurants – varying from “hole in the wall” to lavish. And, oh, the headquarters of the San Francisco chapter of Hell’s Angels.

I only had a short time to wander about, and captured just a few shots. There is more to see and I am looking forward to returning.

Two of the larger restored houses in Dogpatch
Passage between two buildings
One of the more unusual industrial buildings in Dogpatch

What are your thoughts?

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